Planning for the day you retire is usually about what pensions you have but it need not be.

Following the recent budget where it is no longer necessary to take an annuity, you will need a personal service at retirement which identifies your existing assets and stated long-term objectives and offers a detailed route map towards achieving them.

  You may have investments you can use to augment income

  • You may have property you let

  • You may have money from inheritances you will be able to use

  • You may be able to downsize your home

  • You may be able to release equity from your home

  • You may have a business to sell

Whatever your intended route to retirement, we want to help you make sure you are on track to the lifestyle you want.

The increased flexibility arising from the changes in the recent budget mean it is even more important to plan ahead to make the best use of your money at the same time taking steps to ensure it does not run out.

Our process involves identifying what your outgoings in retirement are likely to be in today’s terms, and using our Retirement Planning and Modelling Facilities to compare this with what income you are likely to receive in retirement.

Our Retirement Planning Facility is designed to show results in today’s terms. It will take into account State Pensions, Personal Pensions, Company Money Purchase Pensions, Defined Benefit Schemes, Lump Sums, future Lump Sums, Rental Income, and anything else that could provide income..

It will provide a guide to:

  • What your current pension plans are likely to provide in today’s terms

  • What other sources of income may provide income in retirement

  • What contribution your investments could make

  • Whether what you have and the plans you have are likely to provide enough.