Whatever your pension holdings, we want you to feel good about the pension plans you have.

Our pensions advice provides the reassurance that :



  • Your pensions are reviewed regularly
  • Your pensions provide value for money
  • You have a guide to your level of income in retirement and how your pension contributes to that
  • You have a guide to whether what you have will be enough.
  • You have the the option of being notified when action needs to be taken on the funds within the pension

Whether you are considering starting to plan for retirement or want to review what you have, we believe we have clear processes for:

  • Finding out about you
  • Identifying your aims
  • Reviewing what you have
  • Seeing if what you have will be enough for your aims
  • Helping you to prepare a plan
  • Establishing what solutions will be appropriate
  • Providing ongoing reviews
  • All in the context of your attitude to investment risk and reward